Equality Rewards™ Enables the LGBT and the LGBT Allied Community to Drive Change though Shopping

The more you shop and redeem your Equality Dollars™ at participating retailers, the more money we donate to causes that empower the LGBT community. It’s that simple ... and powerful.

With Equality Rewards, you’re a daily advocate for the cause.

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What is Equality Rewards™?

Equality Rewards is a loyalty rewards program that allows consumers to redeem and accrue awards, anytime, anywhere, while supporting LGBT rights and causes.

Who is eligible for Equality Rewards? Do I have to be LGBT?

Anyone can sign up for Equality Rewards; you do not have to be LGBT. However, as a member, you are supportive of LGBT causes.

What are Equality Dollars™?

Equality Dollars are a type of currency that you can spend with participating retailers. They may not be redeemed as cash and other restrictions may apply; see retailers’ offer for details. The more Equality Dollars you spend, the more you earn.

How do I redeem my Equality Dollars?

First sign up or download the app. Then activate your account. Use the app in a store or print your awards at home and bring them to a participating retailer to redeem the rewards, save money and support LGBT causes.

Why should I join?

Equality Rewards will help you save money at local retailers while becoming a daily advocate for equality and LGBT causes.

Explain the cause-marketing component of the program.

Every transaction empowers you to elevate advocacy and activism at the point of sale. A portion of each transaction (awards redeemed) will go toward supporting equal rights programs, such as marriage equality and youth at risk.

How are the cause-marketing contributions calculated and distributed? And when will they receive the donations?

We electronically calculate the revenue share or donation to our equality partners each quarter; we calculate the profit sharing annually. We are a public company; therefore there is transparency to our operations.

How do I know which organizations are receiving the donations?

The charities that we donate to are publicly disclosed on our website. Equality Rewards is a division of a publicly traded company with reporting and disclosure requirements. We are obliged to report and disclose all of our work with the charities.

Am I responsible in any way to the causes Equality Rewards supports? What are the liabilities?

You are not responsible to our partners and you have no liabilities in redeeming the rewards.

How do I earn more rewards? Are there any restrictions?

You can earn more rewards by using your current rewards to make purchases. Additionally, you can earn rewards by participating in certain actions, such as taking a survey or referring a friend to earn more rewards.

For any restrictions, see the specific retailers’ offer details.

Are the retailers I shop with collecting my personal information?

We can only share the customer information if you allow us to share this information. We do, however, share aggregate (non-personally identifiable) information on purchases.

How do the rewards work with cash purchases, credit cards, or debit cards?

Use the rewards app on your smartphone or print out the redeemed offer to use with cash, credit, or debit.

Can the rewards be used alongside food stamps, and, if so, how?

Yes. The rewards savings comes off before you make final payment. Food stamps are treated like cash.

How do the rewards work alongside advertised coupons?

Look at the retailers’ details on each reward or offer for more information.

How do I activate my rewards?

Activate your rewards at EqualityRewards.com.

How do I know who accepts Equality Rewards?

Look for our logo in the front of the store window or search for a location on your Equality Rewards app and/or website.

Who else is running a program like this?

No one else is offering a program like Equality Rewards.